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Ratio systems

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IGC-DEFINITION (abbreviated)

Ratio systems / Kennzahlensysteme
Ratio systems are (mathematically or logically connected) combinations of ratios (absolute or relative figures with special significance). Ratios are derived from planned values or actual data and serve as a measurement to show the cause and effect of changes in operations. Under the entry ”objective” we have a ratio system structure, which can be used to compare budgeted and actual figures.

The ROI-tree (see diagram) shows the return on investment (more precisely: return on operating assets) and the factors that influence it in an inter-linked pattern of accounting.

Ratio systems.png

from: IGC-Controller-Wörterbuch, International Group of Controlling (Hrsg.)


IGC-Controller-Wörterbuch, International Group of Controlling (Hrsg.), 4. Auflage, Schäffer-Poeschel, Stuttgart, 2010

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