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The range indicates how many potential communication contacts can be achieved by means of a communication measure through a certain medium. In the magazines division, for example, the range can be calculated by multiplying the edition with an average number of readers per newspaper. Ranges are typically calculated by marketing research providers in a joint order from media companies and advertising industry (e.g. the German Association for the Verification of Distribution of Advertising Media, IWV; the Television Research Partnership, AGF; the German Media Analysis Association, and used as a basis for negotiating prices of advertisements.


ICV-Statement "Grundmodell für Kommunikations-Controlling"



First version by

ICV work group "Kommunikations-Controlling", leader: Dr. Reimer Stobbe

Who Are You Really Mad At?

A father yells at his son who then hits his sister. A boss gets upset at a manager who then yells at their employees. In both obvious and subtle forms, people often do or say something to someone when its really intended for someone else. In this honest self-reflection, leadership expert Peter Bregman looks more deeply at his own behaviour to discover freedom from habits and the choice of more thoughtful, productive responses.

[Who Are You Really Mad At?]

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Change Your Life Through the Art of Self Mastery

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and thats your own SELF. ~ Aldous HuxleyI will share with you today some of the things I shared recently with an audience of close to 100 people, a topic that is very dear to my heart the Art of SELF Mastery, what really means to be true to your SELF, and the inner peace, harmony, love and the inner power that comes from being your true SELF.

[Change Your Life Through the Art of Self Mastery]

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Googles Jolly Good Fellow on Inner Peace

Chade-Meng Tan (widely known as Meng) was among the earliest engineers to be hired at Google. When Google allowed engineers to spend 20% of their time pursuing their passion, Meng decided to spend his time on a cause dear to his heart: Launching a conspiracy to bring about world peace. Meng believes that world peace can be achieved -- but only if people cultivate the conditions for inner peace within themselves.

[Googles Jolly Good Fellow on Inner Peace]

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7 Choices You Always Have (that you dont always give yourself)

I believe the choice to be excellent begins with aligning your thoughts and words with the intention to require more from yourself. ~ Oprah WinfreyMaking choices is probably the most stressful thing that we do as humans. Or perhaps more accurately, the stressful thing we do is to choose avoidance when we dont like what choices were facing. This is what creates the stress.

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Researchers Nurture Innovative Biofuel Crops in Israels Desert

Fears of global warming and its impact on our environment have left scientists scrambling to decrease levels of atmospheric carbon we humans produce. Now, Tel Aviv University researchers are doing their part to reduce humanitys carbon footprint by successfully growing forests in the most unlikely place deep in Israels Aravah Desert.

[Researchers Nurture Innovative Biofuel Crops in Israels Desert]

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