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Classical controlling definition: Factor input: what (communication)-performance, assessed by cost accounting, was produced or purchased?

Understanding in the context of communication:

In order to be able to carry out communication as a bilateral process of exchanging meanings, constructing reality and influencing, we first need communication and understanding operations in the company. It can be analyzed on the input-level to what extent these occur as far as appropriate time, content, form and resources are concerned. Effective methods here are checklists (e.g. keeping the standards for press information, online texts etc.) and content-analytic procedures (e.g. for evaluation to what extend all bits of press information contain the arranged corporate messages). According to them the performance of communication department or agencies is assessed.

Conclusion: communicators still understand “input” typically as a starting point of communicative action processes, so what we communicate to the receiver. In classical understanding of controlling the communication process begins first with the end of a previously completed process of production and that is why it is supposed to be seen, from the point of view of a controller, as “output”. Input is the "expense" that is valued at costs. Input is necessary for producing communicative measures and matches therefore the effect-level model.


ICV-Statement „Grundmodell für Kommunikations-Controlling“



First version by

ICV work group "Kommunikations-Controlling", leader: Dr. Reimer Stobbe

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