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The functional approach to the science of business management and socio-scientific approach to processes is based on the abundance of definitions from various scientific disciplines. As far as business management is concerned, communication serves to transfer opinions, attitudes, expectations and behaviors of certain addressees according to specific objectives. The socio-scientific systems theory describes communication as a three-stage selection process, whereas the sole transfer of information is not communication yet. Communication takes place first when an addressee understands the message that was composed by the sender from pieces of information.

Moreover, there is a difference between performative and discursive communication. Performative communication is the targeted creating of a point of view through a sender free from external influences (e.g. placement of advertisement). Discursive communication describes introduction of aspects into the independent thematic canon of the  agenda in awareness that there are also other points of view brought up (e.g. through press information).


ICV-Statement "Grundmodell für Kommunikations-Controlling"

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